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By bhaas on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 - 10:46 am: Edit Post

Hi John..I was having a conversation with my local ski doo dealer after he returned from the dealer meetings last spring. He told me that bombardier uses the same weather forecast that con edison uses in their long term predidtion for coal/fuel usages for upcoming winters. I guess what I gleaned from the conversation was that bombardier uses it to try and predict how many "units" to build for the upcoming season.Do power companys do this?

By admin on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 - 11:26 am: Edit Post

I do know that some utility companies use weather forecasts to help them with demand predictions, but do not know the details to the forecast. Most of the forecasts that I know of going to utility companies are for the next few days or maybe the next week or so.

I can say that seasonal weather forecasting is a very inexact science and no weather forecasting service has the secret weapon to produce one that is better than the other, so I am surprised that any business would put much faith into them.


By bhaas on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 - 04:14 pm: Edit Post

Hi John.. I have been following your advice on the weather since discovering your site a few years ago, and kinda thought thats what you might say. I have figured out by reading your advice on the weather that up until about 4 days out, your a wait and see guy. But, from there on, your forecast is ALMOST always dead on. I always tell my Mother..."what does John D say"? I drive a truck for a living, so sometimes I have her check the computer for me while I'm on a run. thanks John..

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