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By machz2005 on Monday, December 08, 2008 - 06:55 pm: Edit Post

I have never owned a long track sled for riding the deep powder. Now that I am a little older and financially stable I have been thinking about buying a powder sled. In your opinion what do you recommend for riding in the yooper? I own a Ski doo but have no brand loyalty. Just looking for your opinion on the matter.

Thanks in advance!

By admin on Monday, December 08, 2008 - 07:25 pm: Edit Post


Opinions are going to vary on things, but in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with any of the crossover sleds from any of the 4 majors or a shorter track mountain sled from Arctic Cat, Polaris or Ski Doo (not sure if the mountain sleds from Yamaha would be what you want). If you go for a mountain sled, I would not go any smaller than a 144, but no larger than the 155.

If you are a 40 trail/60 off trail or greater trail rider vs. off trail, then a crossover is probably the better bet. If you ride less than 30-40 percent of your time on the trails then a true mountain sled would be your choice.

As far as cc size, I would not go less than 600, but in most cases a 700 will be enough for getting through the deep up here. Of course an 800 would guarantee it!

Beyond that I would just say try and get on the different models available, either through friends, demo rides, etc. No substitute for riding them to see which feels best for you.

Good luck!


By machz2005 on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 - 07:23 pm: Edit Post

I would probaly say closer to 60 trail/40 off trail. I noticed the Arctic cats still are using the "older" riding position. Does this make for a better off trail ride? What do you think about the M8 so far? Seems like there are many devoted riders to this paticular model.

By stealthv on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 - 08:19 pm: Edit Post

All Arctic Cats are rider forward except the ZR120 of course. =)

Some of these are Arctic Cat's, the rest are mine...They need to hire me one of these days...

M8. Don't keep loose change in your pocket.
M8. Last one to the top isn't an M.
M8. Goes where others run out of lung capacity.
M8. It's engineered to breathe up there where eagles soar.
M8. This machine gives of itself generously regardless of incline.
M8. Truly floating on air.
M8. Grab a handful. You're going to feel it.
M8. Throw your weight around like a pro.
M8. Show the mountain who's in charge.
M8. The pinnacle of mountain sled technology.
M8. Ascend into heaven with the throttle.
M8. To flick or not to flick. That is the question.
M8. It's the one your mother warned you about.
M8. Mr. Cornice is your friend.
M8. Set your wandering mind free.
M8. Man cannot live on trail alone.
M8. Instinctive not reactive.
M8. Carve some powder.
M8. Trails are merely guidelines.
M8. In the beginning there was God and a M8 and it was good.
M8. You only live twice.
M8. Take a ride on the wild sides.
M8. Offensively powerful.
M8. Hit the open. Wide open.
M8. Any sled can look cool. Only this one can look evil standing still.
M8. Lean back and pull the trigger.
M8. You never saw a stop watch stop so fast.
M8. Braap to the top.
M8. Do not stop. Pass go.
M8. Rule of thumb: The right thumb rules.
M8. More torque in the tackle box.
M8. All the world is yours.
M8. Go ahead, I double dog dare you.
M8. It's stronger than you are.
M8. Just add winter.
M8. Lake-racer throttle-jockeys just stare.
M8. Watch others get stuck in your tracks.
M8. This much power should never be provoked.
M8. Trails are corridors to riding areas.
M8. The rip-it-to-wide-open machine.
M8. Assume the attack position.
M8. Accelerate away from summer.
M8. Worth every "Please, please dear can I have one?"
M8. Take the long way back.
M8. Haul .
M8. Circle the Arctic Circle.
M8. Get as far away from Monday as possible.
M8. Extend the weekend without a trail.
M8. Trail bumps down. Goose bumps up.
M8. Even moose want to ride it.
M8. You'll run out of breath before it will.
M8. If the GPS batteries die you're screwed.
M8. Lead. Follow. Or get the out of the way.
M8. Only the slashed and burned shall inherit the Earth.
M8. Blink and you'll miss Mt. Everest.
M8. This hill belongs to me.
M8. Time zones bounce off your windshield.
M8. It's called snow. Get used to it.
M8. Not many sleds can make a powder bowl look ugly in 10 minutes.
M8. Just say no to short tracks.
M8. Too hot for TV.
M8. Just bring a keen sense of adventure.
M8. Waiting for winter just got harder.
M8. No mittens allowed.
M8. Gauge success from any angle.
M8. Light the fire within.
M8. You're the director in this moving adventure.
M8. Scared of the dark? We own it.
M8. Don't let your grandma ride it.
M8. Find Sasquatch.
M8. Some call it luxury. We call it necessity.
M8. It's not the heat. It's the humidity.
M8. Take a new position on powder. Own it.
M8. No riots since 1967.
M8. Only 16 days until Christmas.
M8. Feed your wild side.
M8. Make going on vacation in January up north a good thing.
M8. If it were a sin we'd need an eleventh commandment.
M8. If you're going to be possessed this is the demon for you.
M8. Book a play date with Mother Nature.
M8. Ride hard. You never know how many inches or how long it will last.
M8. There are no penalties for high-sticking in snowmobiling.
M8. Makes your heart race at triple-digit powder depths.
M8. Just because you can.
M8. Add it to the list of toys.
M8. This is the sled Jesus would ride.
M8. Draw the line for the sheer thrill of crossing it.
M8. Mark your territory. Lift a ski.
M8. Take to the mountain. Powder your nose.
M8. More to go on.
M8. Snow. It's like frozen water eh.
M8. Trails are only corridors for getting food and gasoline.
M8. Surrounded by a frozen wonderland. Warms your heart doesn't it.
M8. You don't have to buy a mountain to own a mountain.
M8. Listen to the snowflakes shudder.
M8. Nothing really comes close.
M8. Visit , Paradise and Climax...Michigan.
M8. Happy Arctic Blast.
M8. What me worry?
M8. Muscle to the max.
M8. The law of gravity is not enforceable in any court.
M8. Snowdrifts will beg for mercy.
M8. Zigs when you should have zagged.
M8. Big bad and ornery.
M8. Summer is three months of bad sledding.
M8. Understanding this machine requires converting to hooliganism.

By stealthv on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 - 09:21 pm: Edit Post

New ones...

M8. Come to the dark side. We have cookies.
M8. Flies like a F-16.
M8. Lighter, faster and better than ever.
M8. The hardest decision about buying one is picking the track length.
M8. It's why God invented turbos.
M8. There's a first time for everything.
M8. It puts the epic in mountains.
M8. Hot Pocket perfection.*
M8. There's no "i" in team but there is a M.
M8. Riding is believing.
M8. Walk the talk.
M8. Ride the ride.
M8. Uninterrupted white knuckles.
M8. Let the sled do the talking.
M8. Puts the form in performance.
M8. The engine isn't the only thing that lays down in front of it.
M8. It's time you felt more comfortable around nuclear power.
M8. Trails are dumb.
M8. Pass everything, then pass judgement.
M8. Supreme commander.
M8. Careful, that's the space-time continum you're playing with.
M8. Fat sleds need not apply.
M8. You've been warned.
M8. The Cat is out of the bag.
M8. It's over the top.
M8. Take two spins and call me in the morning.
M8. You don't have to get elected to hold a position of authority.
M8. Go where F7s and Thundercats tremble.
M8. The best thing that ever happened to oil and gas.
M8. Point and shoot.
M8. Do something about it.
M8. Grab winter by the horns.
M8. Frequent arrivals and departures.
M8. You're cleared for take-off.
M8. Blurr the line between machine and rider.
M8. Just say no to bent flying nuns.
M8. Torsion spring free since 2008.
M8. Your ticket to winter wonderland.
M8. Ski Doo was a typo.
M8. What's a poker run?
M8. Twice the power per revolution.
M8. Everyone likes can-do altitudes.
M8. Never let the smell of your jacket fade.
M8. We bought Scorpion.
M8. It's a way of life.
M8. Do the math. It is rocket science.

*See Burandt's Hot Pocket on YouTube

By lenny on Friday, December 12, 2008 - 04:56 pm: Edit Post


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