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Monday, February 08, 2016

Recent Snowfall:
Light snows fell in the Northwoods Sat and Sun and moved into much of the west Sunday night, bringing an inch or two to areas there. Some heavier totals of 2-6” fell in sections of the MN Arrowhead and across the UP.


§  Cold and LES to dominate the headlines, with only light dustings elsewhere.


A NW flow aloft will dominate the pattern through this period. That flow will keep any big storms from moving in from the west of SW, but will provide for a couple of weak disturbances to bring some light snows to the northern 2/3rds of the region. Lake snows will also be fairly persistent across the UP and W. Lower MI snow belts for much of the week ahead.

The graphics illustrate the snowfall potential the best, with the only thing I can add being the snow totals in the LES belts are a general representation. Some areas will see more and some less than is indicated in the graphics.

Temps will be falling to below average in the next 24 hours and will stay there through the week. Highs in the NW Midwest will be in the single digits and teens and then will be at those levels in all of the Northwoods for the rest of the week, with the freeze line generally south of the OH River most of the second half of this week.


The forecast for this time period looks pretty similar, with a NW flow to keep any big storms from moving through, but a couple of weak “clipper” type systems to bring some light snows to the northern ˝ to 2/3rds of the region through the period and some fairly meaningful LES to occur at a pretty persistent pace.

Temps will continue to run average to below through the period as well.


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