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Monday, December 22, 2014


Not a perfect forecast, but not a terrible one either. Much of the Midwest actually has a chance to see a white Christmas and the Northwoods will see some accumulating snows fall in the next day or two and then towards the end of the week.


Well, it was a whirlwind weekend with the models, with lots of jumping around and twists and turns, but it looks like they have finally come to a pretty good consensus for the first half of this week.

That idea still calls for an area of low pressure to track from the northern Plains into the central/northern Midwest by later today and into tomorrow. The low still looks to bring snows to the Northwoods later today through tomorrow. The snows will be very wet and heavy and the final amounts will depend on just how much will not melt as it falls, but in general, most of the WI Northwoods as well as the western ˝ of the UP looks to see a pretty solid 3-5" of this wet heavy snow fall, with areas of 5"+ also falling in spots of north central WI and the western UP- especially the higher terrain of the western UP.

That system will then wind down tomorrow night and a new low looks to take a southerly track and put down snows across areas like eastern IL, much of IN, much of lower MI and extreme NW OH. At this point, totals with that activity look to be in the 2-5" range, with some isolated heavier amounts.

By later Christmas night, the next low will be spreading snows into SD, northern NE and southern MN, with a couple of inches falling by sunrise on the 26th.


Temps for the next 3 days will run in the mid 30’s in most of the Northwoods, with the below freezing temps confined to the far NW. By Christmas Day, all of the Northwoods will be down below freezing for highs.


The snows in MN early Friday morning will spread north and east and look to bring a couple of inches of new snow to the northwest 1/3rd of WI and most of the UP for later Friday into early Saturday.

Some LES looks to fall mainly across the Keweenaw for Saturday into Sunday, with most of the rest of the Northwoods quiet.

The ideas are mixed on a low to bring some moderate to potentially heavy snows to areas of SE IL, the NW ˝ of IN and NW 1/3rd of OH by later Saturday night and Sunday. Otherwise it looks like much of the region will be fairly quiet for the first half of next week, with the exceptions being some LES across mainly the Keweenaw.

Temps for the weekend and first half of next week look to run average to below in the region, with the freeze line down into the central/southern Midwest.


The upper air pattern in this time fame sees a weak NW flow aloft to keep temps average to below across all of the Midwest, with a couple of clipper type systems to bring the potential for some light to moderate snows to the northeast 2/3rds of the region.

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