Submitted by Jim Formanek - Wadena, MN


This is the third person to hit this jump. 20' in the air and about a 70' launch.  I was the first one to hit it and the only one to not bail mid-air.  The takeoff got too steep after I hit it because of the launch snow compressing.  This "nut" tried to ride it out, but went over the hood on landing.  It is near Baraga in a logged area.

My Dad and I on the final day around the Copper Harbor area.  Dad next to his 2000 MXZ 700 and me next to my 1999 MXZ 600 with an M-10.  If you have never rode with an M-10... you must.  You will never have another sled without one.

The Marv Dickman Snow Tours group.  Marv was out scouting a day ahead.  Anyone seen him?  We lost him at the Gay Bar. :)
Taken on the stamp sand by Gay.

By Jake's Bar trail entry.  Fresh snow after the 1999 winter downpour.  Pouring rain, lightning and thunder all day the day before and switched to snow around 1am.  We were still laughing about the soaked underwear from the rain ride at the Mariner in Copper Harbor when it switched.  18" over the night from then on.

My new "old" toy.  A Ridge Runner.  Two tracks and no skis.  Unstoppable!
Anyone who is interested in some conversations or has information, drop me an email.  I am in the middle of restoring it right now.




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