Submitted by Ken Smith - Joliet, IL area


Curt, Ken, and Joe's trip to the UP! Trails...What trails?? Did a lot of bush riding this year. Lots of work, but lots of fun too. Been coming to the UP for about 7 years now. Don't know of any place better than this. We're from the Joliet area and wish we could move to the UP. Don't think the wives would appreciate it though.

Eh, Curt. Too close to the edge buddy. 

That's better. 

They talked me into going down here...Wish I had a powder sled about now. 

Thank God for friends...Spent about 45 min. down there. Got stuck 7 times. Took me 2 attempts to get out. 
It's all worth it.

I started locking the door to the room I was in after this..... 

Go Joe! Playing at the sands in Gay! The cool thing about pictures like this is that I can show someone and tell them it was me.


Curt, Joe...Where are you...Joe got stuck. 

Found a road that someone cut through out of town in Copper Harbor. Don't think anyone had been down it this winter yet. MAJOR powder ride. Too bad it was only a
couple miles long, but we tore it up good.


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