Submitted by Robert Peters - Undergrad Michigan Tech
Facilities Supervisor - Clean Snowmobile Team


Taken on the Gay Sands - Mid-Feb 2001

This is Dan on his XC 700

Dan again as you can see there was a lot of powder. You can just barely make out his sled.

I wasn't so lucky on my MXZ 583. This was the result of not knowing what was in the snow when I hit it. It turns out there was nothing behind the snow so I buried it in the side of the hill.

Me jumping as Dan watches.

. This was the end of our ride as we were heading back to campus off the Portage. Mike came to a sudden stop right in front of me and my only choice was to grab the brake and hold on. Luckily it only rolled onto it's top and stopped. Thank GOD for UP snow. If you look closely Mike's Ultra is just inches from my front bumper.

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