View Full Version : A foot of snow on 2" of ice?

12-08-2009, 12:49 AM
I am looking foreward to the big snowstorm for the upper midwest, but a huge snowfall when the lakes are barely frozen might be a recipe for some big problems at least early on in the season. I hope people will use common sence when we get this snowfall and stay off the lakes. How will the lakes freeze with a foot of snow insulating the ice? Does anyone know the last time we had a very mild period with little or no ice or frost and then a huge snowfall? And how much longer does it take the lakes to make safe ice? Don't get me wrong, I'm looking foreward to the big snowstorm like the other snow freaks, but lets be safe out there in the next few weeks!

12-08-2009, 01:13 PM
Exactly my concerns, will definately affect the amount and quality of the ice for rest of the season. The sheer weight of the snow after it settles will saturate and freeze. Beware.