View Full Version : Apartment added to TheBluff

01-29-2010, 12:48 PM
We now have Apartment 4 in Mass City available on a nightly basis once again. Since this is just coming back into use, I am almost completely open. A couple groups have already snagged a couple dates.

Weekend rates $110/night, weekday (t-w-t) at $65/night

3 bunk beds, 2 bedroom, furnished. I should have it available for tomorrow night. Special rates for those that book any night tomorrow thru Wed of next week. I want it full, email me for details.


You can check any of our calendars at
Apt 4 (Mass) https://www.homeawayconnect.com/calendar.aspx?propertyid=531577
Apt 6 (Rockland) http://www.homeawayconnect.com/calendar.aspx?propertyid=338209
Apt 7 (Rockland) https://www.homeawayconnect.com/calendar.aspx?propertyid=381506

02-25-2010, 02:36 PM
after some eviction issues, this apartment will finally be open for this weekend.