View Full Version : West yellowstone

02-14-2010, 03:35 PM
Just got back from island park.Snow was ok if you get off trail and boon dock.The people at the artic cat shop are about as worthless as any i have ever seen.They sure do take care of the spors tho if you rent you had better look over your sled and take pic.or you will be sorry.If you dont be forwarned you will be paying for the last guys damage just like h did and te next guy will.Talk about a scam spor stands for stupid people out renting.That is what you will be called.I needed a clutch we arrived at 330 closing time was 5pm and what anyone could do in 15 min it took them till 1030 next morning,we wanted to rent a sled sence we where 30 miles away they went to get one brought it out and when i pulled out my camera to take pic. they started it and said they had none for rent.... Coincidence I dont think so. Well glad to let all know of my exsp. have fun..