View Full Version : Missing ATV map routes: Attention Skip

02-28-2010, 10:13 AM
We picked up an Upper Peninsula of Michigan "OUTDOORS MAP" at a visitors center in Marquette which has snomo and atv routes. It's a 2009 issue but gee the atv routes around Ontonagon County that the MI-TRALE worked so hard to establish weren't on it. Wondered if anyone would care to contact the org. that published it to ensure that they are on the 2010 issue? The map address is www.upwilderness.com. Don't know what it's all about but it has a snowmobile on the cover, atv also. Just thought maybe Skip who was so instrumental in getting the trails marked might like to see them on the map! Good luck!

03-03-2010, 02:27 AM

Thanks for the nice words, but it wasn't me that did the work on getting so many new ORV trails and signing them, it was Mi-TRALE.

I know of quite a few of these Private companies that put out these maps, and not a one of them cares about the work that goes into getting a good connecting trail system. All they care about is selling their book or map.

The 6-County Western UP ORV Map that Mi-TRALE has out is our main fund-raiser. When you have a 5 County ORV Trail Network, where only a few of the trails receive little DNR Funding, Mi-TRALE counts on Membership and Map Sales.

While I understand how important it is to get all our trails out to the public, I hope that ORV Riders that really want a map showing ALL our trails, will make the small investment of $3.00 and buy the Mi-TRALE Map.

What I am sure is going to happen is as our sport grows, we will have a lot of Johnny Come Lately's that will come out with maps in an effort to make money off the backs of those that actually developed and maintained the trails.

I'm already seeing some of the very same people that were ANTI-ATV, now calling themselves "ATV Fans" in an effort to capitalize either trhough map sales or foriming their own 'splinter clubs.'

Mark my words, copy and paste this...but in the next few years we will start seeing Snowmobile Clubs (some of which FOUGHT our sport) become, "Snowmobile AND ATV Clubs."

I hope people will remember to ask these people, clubs, and map makers the simple question..."Where in the world were you when the sport was just starting to get trails?"

Sorry for the long post Jeannie, and thank-you again for the kind words!