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11-21-2010, 10:42 AM
Looking for a little input on where to ride around Boulder Co. I have a friend that moved there 4 years ago and we have been trying to get out to ride. He finally has called and finally invited me & my kids out. After years of prodding... he never had the time. Is there an area that is within 1 hr drive to ride in ? I know sounds stupid, I have looked at the other more popular area's but they are a stretch from him and I would like to hook up with a guide. I really don't have any mountian experience and I'm wise enough to realize a guide would be best. He claims he doesn't have any guy's at his work that ride so we can't get any help or input there. I know Steamboat is 1.5 hrs away but more of a ski area . Any input would be appreciated, I also need some feedback on taking my trail sleds out. Is it worth it ? I have to bring 1 sled either way due to my 13 yr old son and age / rental problems. I did look up the trail systems and they are small due to they are probably just a means to get to the mountains. Any help is appreciated.

11-21-2010, 12:39 PM
Steamboat area is loaded with awesome places to ride... Rabbit Ears, Buffalo Pass, Grizzly Creek and Steamboat Springs itself just to name a few. I stay in Walden, Colorado when I ride that area. Basically you can go 20 minutes in any direction from Walden and have great mountain riding - trail or backcountry. A friend of mine, Matt Woody is the new owner of Spirit Lake Polaris in Grand Lake, Colorado. He is one of the nicest, most knowledgable guys out there. I am sure he can help you find the right guide for your riding style and he is very familiar with all of the above mentioned places as well as most of the other hot spots in Colorado and the Snowies (Wyoming). I'm not sure of the exact distance from Boulder to Grand Lake but Grand has really good riding around there as well. I don't want to post Matt's home or cell number on here but you can contact him at his dealership at 970-627-9288. He also rents sleds from his dealership. He used to guide people/families up to the top of the Continental Divide but I'm not sure if he still is doing that since he bought the dealership. Hope this helps.