View Full Version : come have fun anyway

12-30-2010, 11:24 AM
I know how things are...some will ride, some will say the warm weather messed it up. The yoop has so many other things to offer on top of the sledding, it would be a shame to not make an excuse to take the wife (and family) away for a couple days.

There are New Years Eve parties at places like the Konteka (Team Ridehard) in White Pine, Georges Shamrock in Ontonagon and I am sure many others as well. I think some of the mines do tours year round....there are quite a few fun things to do. It would be awesome to see all the area business do well this new year weekend despite the bad weather.

here at Thebluff, we are wide open for about the next week. Contact me, I will make a super deal to get you up here for a relaxing weekend. Make me an offer...I am sure we can make a deal (just like priceline.com!!!) An empty room does me no good and once you are here...other businesses would love to serve you too!

mattw@wiesen.com or 906.390.0453