View Full Version : Web cams on Facebook

03-10-2011, 02:17 PM
I only know enough about computers to be dangerous...but I think I figured this one out!

Mass City and Rockland webcams from TheBluff now are showing on our website (www.thebluff.biz) and our Facebook page! These are not just links...the pic displays on the site.

We are listed on Facebook as The Bluff, or if you go to www.thebluff.biz there is an icon that will take you to the Facebook page.

I also now have our calanders for each apartment shown on our site rather than having to click a link. Should be very handy as you can view both calanders at the same time and compare what is open. I have this same feature on our Facebook page, it worked yesterday but today it seems to simply have an empty screen. I will keep working at it!

Facebook has great accessibily on smartphones, hopefully these will be helpful features to everyone to use. Please make sure you "like" our page when you are there...you will keep up to date on any specials, etc.

A side note, I have 2 bedroom apartments in Mass available as group rentals. Rates are low, please give me a shout if you want details.