View Full Version : Best ATV, or Side by Side?

05-26-2011, 12:35 PM
Often we see threads where someone will try to make it seem like one OEM is better then another, and I have even had many people over the past 20 years tell me or ask me what OEM is the best.

My response is always the same. No OEM is head and tails above another. Every OEM makes a GOOD maching, and EVERY OEM has parts, components, etc that will need to be repaired.

I have always believed that a person should buy the machine from the dealer that is INVOLVED in the sport. If that dealer sells a product that utilizes the hard work of VOLUNTEERS on trails and/or events, that dealer should at least SUPPORT the sport, trails, and MAINLY the club (s) in his/her area.

I also believe strongly that the OEM's need to get involved in helping the clubs in building and maintaining trails, Safety Education, and fundraising events for the clubs/trails.

Our sport has TWO OEM's that are heavily involved in providing grants to ORV Clubs. That's right, ONLY two. I'm not going to mention them as this will only upset the dealers of the other OEM's that do not have an ORV Grant program.

Of which I ask you to simply go back to the paragraph that I wrote...."the machine from the DEALER that is INVOLVED in the sport.

Reason for this post as we will hear from people and we will all read from people that are looking for advice as to which specific OEM to purchase a product from.

If WE ARE NOT UNITED in getting new ORV buyers to support those that support our sport, our sport is NEVER going to have the SALES pressure we need to garner more $.

Sorry for the long post...