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08-10-2011, 11:19 PM
Anyone working on the CP2R award this year yet? I'm almost done. I will be up next week to finish it. I have the BN trail, Sidnaw to Trout Creek, Iron River to Watersmeet and the LL trail to do yet! Lots of good riding. P trail was fun with a few mud holes. Stopped at the Running Bear Resort and had a little chat with Linda (still need a hat). For someone needing a place to stay, that looked like a great place for a base camp while visiting the western UP. Friendly too! Did our annual stops at Bam Bams, Henry's, Konteka,Twilley’s and a few others. Had fun but ran out of time!!!!

08-11-2011, 05:03 PM
Looks like the beaver dam is gone! WWhoopie. Good luck, safe trails

08-11-2011, 05:23 PM
I was planning on it this year but haven't had enough time go up to do it. Next year hopefully will give me a little more free time and I'll get it done then. Have fun.

08-15-2011, 09:10 AM
I have Lee and Liane Sadler here for a week working on the CP2R award. Their hoping to get it done in a week. I think they'll do it!

08-15-2011, 10:36 AM
I have Lee and Liane Sadler here for a week working on the CP2R award. Their hoping to get it done in a week. I think they'll do it!

Well to my surprise Lee and Liane are JDee followers, lukers they said lol ;) anyway they did 152 miles yesterday and are heading north today they'll be getting gas at Krupps, maybe stoppin at the Mosquito

08-15-2011, 06:37 PM
are they open ? will they be open this winter? gas ?

08-17-2011, 04:14 PM
are they open ? will they be open this winter? gas ?

Sad to say not open and no news on the future...

08-21-2011, 03:01 PM
Just returned from a week long vacation tothe western UP riding quads on the incredible MI-TRALE trail system completing the necessary trails and then some for the CP2R award in 5 days. My fiance and I arrived in Paulding Saturday evening Aug.13th. We departed from Linden Fri. night and stayed that night in Atlanta prior to heading to the UP the next morning. Saturday we got settled into Running Bear Resort unloading our equipment and quads getting ready for the long haul ahead. I had my 03 Yamaha Grizzly 660 while my significant other was riding an 09 Yamaha Grizzly 550. After introducing ourselves to Mike and Linda we see why everyone had nothing but good things to say about them-very warming, polite and informative people. We reseved five nights at the Grey Wolf Cabin-Sat. & Sun. then returning for Wed. thru Fri. The cabins are very, very clean and cozy with all the necessary ammendities and then some-definately recommend this stay to any and everyone.

We began our day 1 riding leaving the cabin by 10am and gasing up at the corner gas station and heading east on the CR trail stopping to view the Bond Falls and on north to the SB trail just west of Trout Creek. From here we rode east to Sidnaw topping off the gas tanks and grabbing a soda. Heading back west we made another pit stop in Kenton to where we had a burger for lunch. After this we continued west down the SB until (we made frequent stops to view points of interest and take pics) we came to the Agate Falls between Trout Creek and Bruce Crossing. From here we continued west to the SB/P/ES junction near Bergland and took the south fork on the ES route along the east side of Lake Gogebic. First time of visiting this lake and am amazed by the size of this lake. The ride south was gorgeous along the lake explaining to my co-pilot of how we went from eastern to central time zone midway down along the lake. The ES trail then T'ed at the IRM trail to where we hung a right toward Marenisco. With plans of gasing the Grizzly's here, we were looking at a closed gas station not realizing that it was indeed Sunday evening. Good thing that I had my two 2-gallon Rotopax gas containers on the back of my Grizzly to get us back down the IRM trail to Watersmeet to where we fueled the quads up and refilled the Rotopax containers. After heading back north along the BLA/LL trail we opted to go around the Paulding Light not to disturb the viewers and hung a left just prior to the light and ended up back to the CR trail and Sleepy Hollow Rd. and riding from here along M45 back to the cabin finishing the day at 162 miles.

Day 2 on Monday we packed two nights worth of clothes on our quads leaving the truck and trailer behind to head north and then west. We left Monday morning passing by Bond Falls again on CR, monentarily taking SB east to Trout Creek to where we headed north on the G trail to Mass City for a burger and topping off the gas tanks. This initially put us on the C trail to where we pointed northeast riding on the BN trail to Twin Lakes for gas at Krupps and to reserve a room at Parkview Lodge. After filling our stomachs on pizza, we cooled off in the pool and relaxed in the hot tub. About 10pm later that night, we decided to take a little night ride down the rest of the BN trail onto Houghton for a few pickled eggs and popcorn at the "dog". The Houghton-Hancock lift bridge was absolutely magnificant lit up like at Christmas tree in the dark of midnight. After graduating from Tech in '03, the sights of Houghton still amaze me. Returning to Parkview at about 1:30am after 125 miles on this day the comfort of a bed was well deserving.

Day 3 on Tuesday we started the day off with a Pastie for breakfast and fuel for the Yamaha's at Krupps. We ran the quads back down the BN trail to the C trail in Mass City through Rockland and onto the P trail by the Victoria Dam. We turned north on the NR Norwich rode until we took the PF trail west onto the E trail on into White Pine to where we stayed at the Konteka for the night completing a lesser amount 58 miles this day. Dinner here was unique as we could watch black bears through a glass window as we enjoyed our meal. That night we had trace amount of rain to help with some of the dust for the morning ride.

Day 4 on Wednesday we meandered our way back to Paulding to continue our stay at the Running Bear Resort. We back-tracked down the E trail quickly reverting to the much more desireable LP Walsh Rd. to Potato Farm Road to where we continued the PF trail to Norwich Rd. Heading south we picked back up the P trail down to Bergland. From here we took the SB trail east until we came to the CE trail just east of Ewen. Heading south on Choate Road we seen more deer on this road than the entire trip combined. This lead us to CR and on back to the cabin yielding 63 miles on this day.

Day 5 on Thursday we only had the LL and east side of IRM from Watersmeet to Iron River to complete the CP2R-but this final day did not go down without a fight! Heading south down the BLA/LL trail this time opting to pass through the Paulding Light viewing area, we continued south on the LL trail. Just as we made the turn at the end the LL trail, the 550 Grizzly hit either a sharp rock or railroad spike and popped the left rear tire nearly to the rim. I hopped onto this grizzly and limped it into the Headwaters Polaris shop to where 5 plugs had to be used to fill the gash. My Outlaw MST's on the 660 held up great but the stock Dunlops on the 550 looked like they had been drug through the trenches. Knowing that we only had to make it to Iron River and back I did not want something like this to stop us after coming this far along so I bought a tire repair kit with CO2 cartridges and extra plugs-and boy I would have regreted it if i hadn't!! About 7 miles east down the IRM trail the Grizzly 550 experienced another flat on the right rear tire this time. Quickly plugging and filling with air, we continued on to Iron River for gas completing the task. On our way back west on the we stopped about 4 miles from the town near Gibbs City Road and stopped in for arguably the best burgers-The Wooden Nickel!! Arriving back to Paulding we rounded out the day with 117 miles to give us a grand total of 523 miles of the MI-TRALE western UP trail system. We rode on a total of 14 trails within the MI-TRALE system and loved every minute of it. We had an absolutely amazing time although was a lot of riding for five days and thanks again to Mike and Linda of Running Bear Resorts and to all the other MI-TRALE supporters!

08-21-2011, 07:06 PM
Grizzly 4x4- CONGRATS...........

Thankyou for taking the time to share your ride routes. I enjoyed reading it!

08-22-2011, 02:49 AM
Grizzly4X4, that was a GREAT STORY. We're going to put this on our Mi-TRALE Website. It is couples like the two of you that MAKE ALL THE WORK that Mi-TRALE does worthwhile! I can't thank you enough and like all the people that get the challenging CP2R Award, you deserve it!
To be totally honest with all of you, I could never get the CP2R Award. Even though we have many more miles then what is required to get the CP2R Award, it is simply too many miles to ride!
Then to think Dan (hemicoupe) has gotten the award 3 straight years, and this year will be his 4th...that is amazing. Well, no, that is CRAZY!
If we are fortunate enough to get some Private Landowner Trail Agreements, and if we are ever to get the Ottawa NF OHV Connector Trails, then Mi-TRALE will be adding MANY MORE MILES of FUN and SCENIC OHV Trails to our already extensive 5 county trail system.
BTW, we have a group from Lower Michigan, over 10 people, that are going to be trying to pull off the CP2R Award the week before our Awards Banquet. I'm curious to see if everyone of them can do it.
Thanks again Grizzly, Hemicoupe, and to all our members and volunteers that make being a part of Mi-TRALE so special!

08-22-2011, 09:05 PM
Very nice story! It's nice to see other people going for the "CP2R Award" It's not really hard to do. Grizzly 4X4 did it the right way. This year we did the Hancock to Copper Harbor and back to Hancock the 1st day, then tried getting as many Mi-Trail trails the next couple days. We had fun but ran out of time. I was up last weekend and done the rest of the trails that we missed. That was friday the day of the storm,Skip. I had a problem with the battery on my Grizzly so I used the wifes Honda. Worked out nice because it fits in my van. My wife dropped me off in Houghton and I told her I'd meet her at Krupps. We had lunch, then I told her I'd meet her at Mass. I got there before she did, she got lost. Thank God for cell phones and service!!! I loaded up the Honda and we headed to Iron River. Picked up Pasties at the Pasty Corner and I headed off to Watersmeet and the LL trail. I met her at the park by Headwaters. Then we headed to Trout Creek for the last stretch to Sidnaw. Everything was going fine till I got to the last crossing on the highway before Sidnaw. The electric shifter on the Honda quit shifting. the #1 was blinking, #4 is lit up. Nothing! Another call, she came to get me. Loaded it up and took the trail into Sidnaw!!!............Not end of story! Got on highway going back to L'Anse and a couple miles down road and flat tire. What a DAY!! Was great to get back! Rain, sun, rain, sun, flat,and tired. LOL. Was It fun? You bet!
It's Great to have someone like Skip and Mi-Trale out there getting these trails for all of us to use. Skip always says he could never ride all the trails to get the award but I could never do what he has done for Mi-Trale. We need people like him. Mi-Trale needs members to make it work also. Now with the new map comming out later on, it sounds like it's going to be even better with some nice trails.