View Full Version : Shim Kits for XP

11-07-2011, 07:59 AM
I have a shim kit for the Ski Doo XP's secondary to help fix the belt blowing issue some have. My sled was eating them like crazy, even though my alignment was right in spec. Shimming OUT the secondary solved my issues and now I don't blow any more belts, clutches run much cooler and have more consistant RPM's. I have tested with many different belts and clutch set-up and it works great. I include shims for both sides (chaincase/clutch) and instructions. Shim size is (two) 1.5mm, giving you the option for 1.5 or 3mm to suit your needs. Very easy install. Made of 304ss. $30 shipped.

Email me at fishon1066@hotmail.com