View Full Version : Brand new rev xp custom accessories

01-03-2012, 08:48 PM
I have a set of brand new unopened yellow ski handles/pulls for pilot skis
I have a brand new unopened side panel grill (yellow)
I have a brand new unopened dashboard bag black and yellow (the bag straps in under the dash and is really handy)

I paid $123.47 shipped
You pay $85.00 shipped (if in US)

Seperatly The ski handles sell in the Ski Doo catalog for $20.99 ea or $41.98 set not including shipping
I will sell for $35.00 shipped

The side panel grill is $12.48 in the catalog not including shipping
I will sell for $10.00 shipped

The dashboard bag sells for $54.99 in the catalog not Inc shipping
I will sell for $40.00 shipped

E-mail musselman.mark@comcast.net for pics

Or look in the ski doo 2012 catalog.

I ordered this to customize my XP TNT that is white and black from Kuyohooras advertisement on Doo talk
And after I ordered it I never received a confirmation email and had some passwords issues so with no communication
From them after 3 weeks I ordered the same parts from another vendor, then out of the blue one month later these
Parts showed up at my door and my credit card was charged, I contacted them to return and they told me they were out of
Business and could no longer return them. Ridiculous

01-08-2012, 01:14 PM
The dashboard bag is sold. Anyone that wants the 2 yellow ski pulls and the yellow side vent panel I will sell for $40 shipped!
Come on, add some color to your sled! At this price your getting the side vent panel for free plus a few dollars off the pulls and free shipping
Retail plus shipping would be around $65.00 remember there brand new!