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01-23-2008, 01:29 PM

I see you and others are getting some really valuable donations (to the right person). Specifically I am talking about some of the snowmobile items that may be unique to a certain model. In the effort to raise the most money for the MAKE A WISH foundation, you may consider putting some of these items up for bid on your website rather than just to those who will be in attendance at the ride in, none of which may ride the model of sled that the item is for. You would probably want to end online bidding before the banquet and I am sure there are some other things to consider. It may also be that you wish for this to be a benefit of coming to the banquet, but just something I felt was worth mentioning. By the way, I will be in attendance so I am not making this suggestion based on the fact that I would like to be able to bid on something.

THANKS for all you do.

01-23-2008, 01:51 PM
Thanks for the suggestions Gregg, but I think the majority of the items are actually generic and will work with any sled. There are a few items like the USI skis and the air intake set, but the winner of those prizes will actually get in contact with the supplier and they will send the correct model for the sled the winner has.

We try to not get make and model specific prizes for that very reason. I am sure there will be a few, but all items end up being bid on and we do pretty well with the fund raising.

A good idea and perhaps we can set it up for next year. Right now I have a pretty full plate!