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11-09-2009, 05:25 AM
A few weeks ago there was a pretty long thread about the white star auction, I was out there Friday to drop off a sled and was pretty surprised on the quality or lack of on the newer stuff. There were a couple of nice ones but for the most part pretty rough, or worse yet "covered up" problems. But on the other side of it the older stuff seemed to be in really good shape for the most part. I would definatly say the 10% buyers premium is hurting them there. What really confused me is I took a sled (had it in the classifieds here) that I wanted $1200 for, I dropped my price to $1000. I know it had high miles but I was throwing in a lot of stuff with it. Best offer I got was $700 so for that I figured I would take it to the auction and not sell the other stuff (oil, belts, and spair clutch) with it. Sled by itself brought $900. Now that means I get $875 and the guy (or girl) who bought it paid roughly $1050 for it without even having it registerd yet, and they didn't get 4 gallons of oil, or three belts, or a new drive shaft bearing, and a spair clutch. Looks like more people should be lookin on Johndee for the good deals!!! Just a little confused I guess but sled is gone and the rest of the stuff will sell at the next auction so when it is all said and done I will be pretty close to my $1200 anyways I guess.

11-09-2009, 07:28 AM
We are gonna try and make the auction on the 21st. It has been a couple years.

11-09-2009, 12:09 PM
We were up there last weekend also but looking at trailers so I didn't notice what sleds were going for. There used to be a sellers fee and a credit card fee for the buyer. Now there is just a buyers fee, although it is higher than if the buyer had used cash.

I was at the auction last year looking for a sled, and I was very surprised by how much sleds were bringing in there. I didn't even bid on anything because the prices were so high (in my opinion).

11-09-2009, 06:21 PM
Use extreme Caution at the auction in Bronson. Those sleds are there for a reason. I have bought a junk dirt bike, junk 03 700 RMK and a junk dune buggy there. All of them prettied up and I fell for it. Never shop in the pouring rain. The purchases were my fault, not the auction house. So in retaliation I dumped some very high mileage tree savy sleds there myself. My brother is a regular buyer/seller there and does well. He deals in the old Iron. You really have to know what your looking at. It is fun spending the whole day hanging out there. Get the Goulosh for lunch it's great.