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    Default 2004 MXZ 600 HO Idle & Starting Issues

    I'm having idle problems with my sled.

    Sometimes, I get it started but I can't get it to idle. It's dying on me. Putting it in reverse is also killing the engine due to the idle issue.

    Also, it's taking a lot of pulls to get her started, especially when temperatures are above 25 degrees. I have to have it in full choke and give it a lot of gas some days to get her started.

    Any advice for a tech novice? Is it a matter of carb cleaning or adjustment or do I need to take it into the shop?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

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    You can start by simply trying to adjust the idler screw upwards. Unfortunately, I doubt that's the issue as the symptoms your describing are common among doos when there's low compression (flaking or damaged piston rings), rip in the carb boots, or dirtly carbs/pilots.

    If you've got access to a compression tester, start with that and make sure you've got good compression to both sides. If so, you can eliminate the notorious ring issue, and proceed to a thorough inspection of the carb boots (the stock ones were known to tear, wear and rot in many instances.) Ripped boots will cause a lean condition which will lead to a burn down, though because your idling so poor, I'd guess it to either be rings or carbs/pilots.

    I had an 03 and still have an 04 rev. Both had the same symptoms at one point, and turned out to be the rings in both instances.
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    I will agree. I have two 2004 rev 600s. The 03s and 04s were notorius for ring flaking. One of mine, I had to replace the rings with less then 1000 miles on it. Hard starting and stalling when going into reverse are the common symptoms.

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    Default Thanks guys

    Thanks for the advice. I'm going to take it in and have it checked out. Compression, carbs, rings are serious business and I'm not up to the task! I appreciate the feedback.

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